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The School Committee establishes educational goals and policies for the schools in the district, consistent with the requirements of law and the statewide goals and standards established by the Board of Education. The Superintendent, employed by the School Committee, manages the system in a fashion consistent with state law and the policy determinations of the School Committee. 

Principals are the educational administrators and managers of their schools, and supervise the operation and management of their schools and school property, subject to the supervision and direction of the superintendent. Each principal works with a School Council to define educational goals for the school, identify the educational needs of the students, and formulate a school improvement plan, consistent with state and local educational goals and policies. The School Committee is a legal agent of the state and must, therefore, fulfill both state and federal mandates. 

The Policy Subcommittee is a legal entity established by the School Committee to address specific areas of importance.

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The definition of policy set forth by the National School Boards Association: 

  • Policies are principles adopted by a School Committee to chart a course of action. 
  • Policies tell what is wanted; they may include why and how much. 
  • Policies should be broad enough to indicate a line of action to be followed by the administration in meeting day-to-day problems and be specific enough to give clear guidance.


*****Members of the Policy subcommittee are currently working with the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) to review District Policies and determine which policies should be updated, introduced, and/or removed. Once this review process is complete, the full up-to date policy manual will be posted on the MASC and CPS website.  In the meantime, to obtain the most recent version of policies, please contact Colleen Hutchinson at to request a copy of a specific policy.

Generally speaking the policy subcommittee, when reviewing and recommending policy adheres to the following principles:

  • Give primacy to the application of the rule of law.
  • Ensure that mandates from the federal and state government, and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education are adhered to.
  • When relevant, seek guidance from global, federal, state and/or local agencies for decisions that require external expertise.
  • Work in concert with our administration and educators to develop appropriate parameters for serving our entire student population and their families.
  • Consider input from all CPS stakeholders, including parents/guardians, students, where appropriate.

Once the desired changes are identified, the Superintendent and/or Subcommittee draft and review the changes, which are ultimately presented to the full School Committee for discussion, amendment, and approval.

The formulation and adoption of these policies constitute the basic method by which the School Committee exercises its leadership in providing for the successful and efficient functioning of the School system. 

The policy subcommittee abides by the Open Meeting Law, post agendas, and minutes. Meeting schedules and frequency vary, but average about twice per month.


  1. To keep written policies up-to-date so that they can be used consistently as a basis for School Committee action and for administrative decisions.
  2. To evaluate the impact of policies on school operations, including seeking feedback from school staff students and the community where appropriate.  
  3. To work in concert with the Superintendent who will help identify priority policies and periodically review all policies and procedures for administrative updating and Committee review.

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